Gun Transfer


Yes, you read that correctly. We do gun transfers for $12 per gun 1 for Virginia residents and $15 per gun 1 for non-Virginia residents and lawful resident aliens. It is just one more way we try to show our clients that we appreciate their business.

Our shop’s FFL is already on file with:

If you are purchasing from someone that asks you to have your FFL send a file copy of their shop’s license, send me an email that includes the seller’s email address, your name, your telephone number, description(s) of the gun(s) you are having transferred, and any identification numbers (auction number, item number, invoice number, etc.) that will identify the gun(s) being transferred to the seller and I will take care of the rest.

At the time of transfer, we will need to see:

      • Valid government issued (by an agency of the Commonwealth or your home state) photo identification that contains your name, residence address, sex, and date of birth. A combination of government-issued documents is acceptable. Primary identification must be at least 30 days from the date of original issuance.
      • If you are an Active Duty Service Member stationed in Virginia, bring a copy of your PCS Orders or Leave and Earnings Statement (they must identify your duty station as being in Virginia), your DOD Id, and your driver’s license from your home state. Active Duty Service Members are processed and charged as Virginia Residents.

For Virginia residents, a current Virginia Drivers License (issued more than 30 days ago) will cover the identification requirements (address must be current). Non-resident transfers still require a second (or third) form of identification. The secondary id must have the exact same name and address on the primary id.

If you have any questions regarding the identification needed for a transfer please give us a call  (434-989-1263) or stop by the shop.

Unless specified, prices are for labor and consumables only and do not include parts. Prices are guidelines and subject to change based on the specific requirements of a job.

1 – The $12/$15 fee for a gun transfer reflects a cash discount. If another payment method is used (check, credit or debit card), the full $13/$16 fee (Virginia residents vs. non-Virginia residents) will be charged per gun.

Some websites publish user supplied or average transfer fees. If Classic American Gunsmith did not supply the information to the site, we are not responsible for any misunderstanding regarding the amount of the gun transfer fees.

Once the background check information is submitted to the Virginia State Police VCheck System, the transfer fee is charged regardless of how the transfer is disposed of (approved, denied, canceled, or no response). If the client refuses the gun prior to the information being submitted to the Virginia State Police VCheck System, the fee is waived.

No gun in the shop for transfer will be released until a State Police Approval Number is supplied by the Virginia State Police Firearms Transaction Center or the Virginia State Police VCheck System. If no final status is supplied within three days, we will wait until one is available or the gun can be returned to the seller. A paid shipping label or payment for return shipping is required before shipment.

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