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The Steyr-Solothurn MP34 (maschinenpistole 34 or machine pistol 34) is a submachine gun that was developed secretly by Rheinmetall during the manufacturing restrictions imposed on Germany by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. This was accomplished by acquiring the Swiss concern Waffenfabrik Solothurn where the prototype was developed. Once the prototype was ready, Solothurn did not have the ability to mass produce it. Rheinmetall then acquired a controlling interest in the Austrian concern Waffenfabrik Steyr, where the gun was mass produced.1

During automatic fire, the MP34 will fire 600 rounds per minute. 2

This gun is known by some as the Rolls-Royce of submachine guns due to the quality of the build.3

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The safety locks the bolt forward.4
      • Push in the spring loaded bolt cap to open the top cover.5
      • This gun has a side mounted 32 round magazine.6
      • The magazine can be inserted into the magazine mount from the bottom to be able to load it with stripper clips.7
      • There is a bayonet lug on the right side of the weapon.8
      • This gun has a semiautomatic and automatic fire selector switch.9


The Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. TAVOR SAR is a semi-automatic bullpup rifle available in a variety of calibers and configurations.

gunsmithing note(s):

  • The barrel lock pivot assembly can be removed from the body/receiver using the following steps:1
    1. On the right side of the gun rotate the white line on the barrel lock pivot assembly to the twelve (12) o’clock position.

    2. Push the barrel lock pivot assembly through the body/receiver from right to left. If you meet resistance do not force it. Just jiggle the barrel lock pivot assembly by rotating it clockwise or counterclockwise slightly until the resistance is eliminated.

      NOTE: Once the barrel lock pivot assembly is out of the body/receiver you will see two pins that extend from the bottom of the assembly. In step one, we align the white line with the twelve o’clock position to align these pins with the cutout on the bottom of the barrel lock pivot assembly hole on the left side of the gun.



The Winchester Model 74 is a rimfire rifle that is fed by a through the buttstock tubular magazine.

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The <em>Operating Slide<em> is a commonly broken part. No obsolete parts dealer that I know of has any.


The Remington Model 760 GameMaster is a pump action centerfire rifle that is fed by a four round box magazine. The gun was designed by L. R. Crittendon and William Gail Jr. and was introduced in 1952.1

gunsmithing note(s):

      • The original Remington Model 760 magazines were made of a single deep-drawn sheet of steel. This made the box and the floor plate all out of the same piece of metal.2
      • Later versions of the Remington Model 760 magazines were made by a different company and they had a metal box but a plastic floorplate. These are known as new style magazines. In older guns, these magazines can need to be fit for smooth movement in and out as well as locking.3
      • The Remington Model 740 series magazines and the Remington Model 760 series magazines were all made on the same tooling so they should interchange.4


The Beretta Model A303 is a semiautomatic shotgun that is fed by a tubular magazine.

gunsmithing note(s):

      • A303 barrels made prior to 1994 are soft soldered. A303 barrels made in 1994 and after are silver soldered.1



The SIG SAUER P320 is a modular designed series of striker fired pistols. The stainless steel frame (pictured above) is the serialized part for BATFE purposes. Once you have the stainless steel frame, it can be put into a Full Size, Carry, Compact, or Sub Compact frame each with a Large, Medium, or Small Grip. All of the combinations can be chambered in 9x19mm, .357 SIG, or .40 Smith & Wesson.

The safety mechanisms include a striker safety that prevents the striker from releasing unless the trigger is pulled, a disconnect safety that prevents the pistol from firing when out of battery, a tabbed trigger safety, and a magazine disconnect safety. Also, to take the gun apart you must remove the magazine, lock the slide to the rear, and rotate the take-down lever.

Other views of the stainless steel frame:

SIG SAUER P320 Stainless Steel Frame

NOTE: The serial number has been digitally removed from the above image.

SIG SAUER P320 Stainless Steel Frame

SIG SAUER P320 Stainless Steel Frame

NOTE: The screwdriver bit is there to hold the frame in position for photography.



The Savage Model 99 is a lever action hammerless rifle fed by an internal rotary magazine. It was produced from 1899 until 1998.

gunsmithing note(s):

      • READ THIS COMPLETELY THROUGH BEFORE PERFORMING ANY ACTION: To tighten or loosen the tension on the rotary magazine (Carrier) place, DO NOT TURN, a notched screwdriver (the notch needs to be wide enough to span the end of the threaded end of the Carrier Spindle while still slotted in the Carrier Spindle Nut) on the Carrier Spindle Nut (to find the Carrier Spindle Nut remove the forend you will see a slotted nut on the threaded end of the Carrier Spindle.). While holding the notched screwdriver on the Carrier Spindle Nut still and holding the Carrier (the rotary magazine fins) from rotating, remove the Carrier Spindle Head Screw (the screw above and just forward of the round count window on the left side of the action). When you remove the Carrier Spindle Head Screw the tension of the rotary magazine will stop being held by the Carrier Spindle Head Screw and transfer to the notched screwdriver on the Carrier Spindle Nut). Turn the Carrier Spindle Nut (clockwise (while looking at it) to reduce the tension and counterclockwise (while looking at it) to increase the tension) while holding the Carrier (the rotary magazine fins) from rotating, and trying to put the Carrier Spindle Head Screw back in. Go slowly and feel for the slot the Carrier Spindle Head Screw fits into. When you find the slot for the Carrier Spindle Head Screw slide it in and tighten. Release everything and remove the screwdriver from the Carrier Spindle Nut, Check the tension on the Carrier (the rotary magazine fins). If it feels right, test the action with dummy rounds or test fire at the range. If it passes, then you are complete. If not repeat the above until it does. Things to think about: 1.) The gun may fail to feed because the carrier tension is too high or too low; experience should point you in the correct direction. 2.) Having an assistant (with two extra hands) to help you will make it easier to accomplish the simultaneous tasks described above. Before starting, make sure that both of you have read and understand what needs to happen when.

Lyman Product Safety and Recall Notice

Lyman Products Corp. is recalling certain black powder rifles and pistols due to the potential of separation in the breech plug.

This recall includes black powder rifles and pistols regardless of caliber (including Deerstalker, Great Plains, Great Plains Hunter, Trade Rifle, Plains Pistol, Black Powder Kits, and replacement barrels; excluding Percussion Left Hand Great Plains and Left Hand Great Plains Hunter models) manufactured from March 1, 2017 to December 22, 2017. Barrels with the serial number in the range of A595960–A599026 are subject to this recall.

If you have a recalled item or do not know if you have a recalled item, immediately discontinue any use of the product(s) and contact the Lyman Customer Service Department.

Additional information and contact details can be found at the Lyman Recall webpage. ⇒


The GLOCK G19X is GLOCK’s first ‘crossover’ pistol. It has a G17 standard size frame, paired with a G19 compact size slide. It is still a locked-breech, recoil-operated, double-action-only, semiautomatic pistol fed by a detachable box magazine that is chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum.

The G19X introduces the first factory colored slide (Coyote).

Caliber:9×19mm Parabellum
Action:Constant Double Action
Frame Type:Standard
Frame Size:Full Size
Overall Length:7.44 inches
Overall Height w/ Magazine:5.47 inches
Overall Width:1.30 inches
Barrel Height:
Barrel Length:4.02 inches
Sight Radius:5.94 inches
Weight (unloaded):24.83 ounces
Weight (loaded):~31.39 ounces
Trigger Pull Weight:~5.8 pounds
Trigger Travel:~0.49 inch
Rifling:Enhanced Hexagonal Profile
GLOCK Marksman Barrel
1:9.84 RH Twist
Magazine:Stagger Column
Magazine Capacity (standard):17/19 cartridges
Magazine Capacity (optional)
Number of Safeties:3
Available in MOS Configuration:No

GLOCK introduced the G19 on 2 Jan 2018 and it was available for purchase 22 Jan 2018.



Footnotes / Sources:

GLOCK is used as a general term referring to a collection of companies that manufacture and distribute GLOCK pistols throughout the world. They include but are not limited to, GLOCK Ges.m.b.H (Austria, headquarters), GLOCK, Inc. (United States), GLOCK America S. A. (South America), GLOCK Asia Pacific Limited (Asia Pacific), and GLOCK Middle East FZE (Middle East).